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Management of your Whiplash Injuries

There is no instant remedy for recovering from whiplash injuries but there are ways to manage it better. Rehabilitation from your injuries will vary dependent on the severity but simple light excercises for your neck will help improve the stiffness.

Exercises to Avoid

It sounds obvious but avoid strenuous exercising while on the road to recovery, you don’t want to aggrevate the injury further, so bungee jumping will not be on your to do list this weekend, if you do excercise and feel your whiplash getting worse consult the expert medical advice of your GP.


Physiotherapy is ideal for managing your whiplash as it can aid the healing process through massaging & manipulation and will get you back close to the movement you had before your accident.

How long to recover? How long does it last?

How long it takes to recover from whiplash depends on the severity of your injury. If your neck is just a little stiff and tender it may take only a few days and may disappear in 1 to 4 weeks but it is not unusual if you have the symptoms for a few months before they are gone. There are a few small cases where pain and stiffness is still apparent after 6 months. Very rarely symptoms may continue for longer periods.